Wednesday, 14 June 2017

    ZArchiver APK v0.8.5 Latest Download Free for Android

    Download Free ZArchiver APK File Latest Version for Android

    Get an eventual solution for zip file management on your Android device. 
    If you are looking for a program which has simple and functional interfaces for archive management than you are in a perfect place to got such an incredible archive management program from down here on this page. ZArchiver is a productiveness principal archive controlling application for android platform that offers you to extremely compress data and to excerpt data from many compacted formats. 
    ZArchiver is all in one tool by which you will able to create compressed zip archives in many formats including 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar; and many other compressed formats. While it comes to decompress archives, ZArchiver turn out to be even more effective by supporting for further archive categories such as rar, dmg, cpio, chm, zipx, xar, rpm, arc, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, ecm, and some others as well. 
    This android APK also supports password-protected archives as well. In case if you have made a safe, encoded compressed RAR document with WinRAR on your PC, then the documents can be decompressed on your Android device, smart phone or the tablet in most easiest way with the help of this incredible app. You don't need your PC anymore for decompressing that secure document and ZArchiver will provide the preferred outcomes on the go.
    ZArchiver APK File Latest Version Download Free for Android
    An exceptional and most fascinating feature of this tool is it support for incomplete archive decompression. In case you need a number of particular content from an archive, then the outcome can formed with ZArchiver to unzip only compulsory documents. Doing this the app saves your time, your storing space will stay free too as well as you will stay well thought-out in a cleaner approach without discarding your device's storage with things you don't required any more.
    Every so often you come across with multi-part archives similar to that end in .001, .002 format. ZArchiver supports that types of archives as well and you can link the multi-part archives to get back the innovative content right on your Android device or the smart phone and your android tablet. The whole thing has been made conceivable by this incredible compression and decompression android app. 
    Similar to a predictable file administrator, ZArchiver bring about your documentations by renaming and moving on your Android smart phone. Hence to catch a comprehensive way out for organizing your archives on the fly, so download the free and latest APK file of ZArchiver from below given downloading link. Install the app on your android device or tablet and start managing archives according to your way of style. If you have any concern or any query regarding this app then please follow up the developer's website to find out the matters.
    Grab it now right from below and go ahead. Keep visit to our blog for more useful and stunning android apps and games. 
    ZArchiver APK is offered by ZDevs and it requires Android 4.0 and up.

    Tuesday, 13 June 2017

    Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! APK v1.5.3 Latest Download Free for Android

    Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! APK File Latest Version Download Free 

    Best game for Zombie action. 
    Do you like to play breathtaking Zombie action game? If your answer is yes than get ready and just download the most amazing and full of action shooting game of Zombiewood from below on this page. It is third person shooting game in which you will play a role of brave man like a Hollywood hero that is the core character of chain of dreadfulness movies in which he need to destroy several of zombies and blow up lots of vehicles and much other stuff. 
    This amazing game offers lot of entertainment, fun, excitement, shooting and action. You can enjoy playing this shooting and action epic with lots of online players. In the game Zombies have occupied all of the Los Angeles that was once a city with peace, enchanting and lavish street ways which is now occupied by gang of vices, now it’s up to you how to overcome and sum up guts to keep safe the city from zombies. Kill zombies and wreak explosive havoc with delirious attitude. Some stunning features of game are as follow. 
    Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! APK File Latest Version Download Free

    Features of Zombiewood APK:

    • This game is complete free to download and very simple to install. 
    • You can dash, run and slaughter zombies with the fun of shooting and action. 
    • You can shred through killing the wave after wave of crazy zombies. 
    • You can zap, blow up and burn zombies with wicked weaponries. 
    • The game offers 20 different combat movies and 10 unique game modes. 
    • It also offers many cartoon style themes inspired by a Hollywood setting. 
    • The game comes with an exceptional visual section in which the animation designs mix and match funny perfectly with attractive models.
    • In the game the explosion and blood effects are also incredible.
    • Consistent content updates with more movies, weapons, slaughter and non-stop action. 
    However that’s not all, download the latest APK file of the Zombiewood from below given link to get much more zombie action fun tucked inside. Install the app on your android device or tablet and enjoy lot of fun and extreme adventure. Get ready for action now with Zomibiewood - Zombies in L.A!
    Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! APK File is offered by the famous developers of Gameloft and it requires Android 2.3 and up.

    Monday, 12 June 2017

    [ROOT] Rashr – Flash Tool APK v2.4.2 Latest Download Free for Android

    [ROOT] Rashr – Flash Tool APK Latest Download Free for Android 

    [ROOT] Rashr is such an app which needs rooting device for work. For operating and installing this app on Android devices it requires root access. This APK is to flash custom ROMs on Android devices. Please avoid installing and using of this app if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about rooting and flashing. If you have some knowledge about what rooting is and flashing is then downloads its free APK from below on this page. If you don’t know the proper use of this app then doesn’t go for it, because it might damage your phone or android tablet. However if you have complete knowledge of rooting or flashing and having storing understandings of what this [ROOT] Fashr – Flash Tool is capable of doing, then you must proceed this app and enjoy flashing the ROMs on your Android smart phone or tablet without using PC or any other outside influence. 
    [ROOT] Rashr fleshes and backups your devices recovery without rebooting your device and you can backup the system very fast on your device in single tap. You can also flesh the ROMs as well. Furthermore the app has more than 3500 build-in recovery cluster of images and you also will able to flash private images form external or internal storage. This app has the ability to flash more than 90% of all android devices as well. 
    [ROOT] Rashr – Flash Tool APK Latest Download Free for Android
    [ROOT] Rashr – Flash Tool is fully open source and you can find out its entire code on In addition to this if you are developer and would like to have a look on the source code of the application or if you would like to bring any positive modification, then heads over to the GitHub source of this tool and become involved there or get logging for more control and full understanding what more this app is doing. 
    Download the latest APK file of the app form below given link for free. Install the app on your android device or tablet and start flashing ROMs on your device without using a PC that is the charm of this tool. Grab it and enjoy flashing the ROMs on the go. 
    [ROOT] Rashr Flash APK is offered by “Aschot Mkrtchyan” and it requires Android 2.3.3 and up.

    Friday, 9 June 2017

    NMAP for Android APK File v1.0 Download Free for Android

    NMAP for Android APK File Download Free for Android

    If you are an ethical hacker then your work is always appreciated on the world of Internet. I must say that ethical hacking is to some extent that many people appreciate on the internet. Although, you can come to be a hacker if you simply start study from the basics essentials and there are several such kind of tools to assist you out here. For doing ethical hacking's you need to know some significant knowledge about networks and that only a professional can do it. But you don’t need to worry about, in this tutorial I am going to write about such a great and very effective tool by which every android hacker can do his work very easily either his job is ethical or unethical. 
    This amazing hacking tool helps you to recognize the networks such as host, OS versions, types of packets and filters and lots of other stuff associated to networks. You can easily download this effective hacking tool from below provided downloaded link on this page. But before going to download this app your android device must be rooted otherwise you will not able to use NMAP APK. So getting a chance for preceding this app you must apply any rooting app to root your device or smart phone.
    NMAP for Android APK Latest Version Download Free for Android

    How to use NMAP APK:

    Simply follow the below given steps for better and perfect use of the app. 
    For using this app download and install its APK file from below given link which is first stage for every android user.
    On beginning, the app will warning a pop-up screen in which it have to ask you to grant this app authorization to all your device or android phone features and of course you have to grant it in situation you wish to keep on. 
    Subsequently performing this, the application will exposed and you will get a page of NMAP APK which has to indicate an address of 127.0.01. That means now you are capable to access to all the features of the app and you will feel better to go with the working on NMAP app. 
    At the right side top box will display the address bar where you will have to enter the address of the target for which feature you want get access. After being complete by that, now you can easily get an access of your target ports and other stuff that you are concerned with. 
    So download the latest APK of the app from below given downloaded link and install it on your android device to get access of your targeted things. Grab it right now and have fun while missing with the stuffs of your targets.

    Wednesday, 7 June 2017

    iLauncher APK v3.1.4 Latest Version Download Free for Android

    iLauncher APK Latest Version Download Free for Android 

    Give an iPhone style look to your android device.
    If you are an iPhone enthusiast due to some reasons you are not able to use it and want to your android device is looks like an iPhone then you are in the perfect place to know how you can give iPhone look to your android phone. In this tutorial i am going to write about such an iOS launcher which helps you to give the iPhone look to your android device. Download the free APK file of the app from below on this page and install it on your device or tablet and give it a style of iPhone. iLanucher is a best iOS launcher for android smart phones. 
    In a certain extent have need of improvement in the iOS prospect where individuals pretty much had it with IOS 6. On any rate, along emanate iLauncher for Android and in this, we make sure of a quick analysis for you on the use. You can acquainted it on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Android 4.1.2 and you must say it's a amusing considering theme and enhances a exhilarated look to the device while merged with the android viewing over wallpaper.
    iLauncher APK Latest Version Download Free for Android
    The impacts of transfer are enjoyable with a not too bad extent of easily set up on Apple devices. Just for $2.06 you can get this app whole with the long tap to rub out jiggle figure doings you realize on IOS devices, similarly you can have any four or five character streaks, for and it under-props packet as well. In the time that you admire your devices well, you can overlook approximately it with this topic as there is no backup support for devices in iLauncher starting so far, which can be a contract breaker for a small number of users.
    You will receive identifications notices on your Gmail account and representative app which you might like; nevertheless, certainly some may perhaps make ask as to why might you need an IOS launcher on that admirable Android device improving up to 5.89MB of ability? The answer is very simple and short too. To be honest it is an enjoyable subject although you would not apply it on your day-to-day mover, from the time when you rise towards android for the customization it takes to the counter and there are massive extents of places available there that are very much in front of iLauncher. Brows more launchers. 
    Stay there as it could if you're in search for such a theme to relish up your android device and you have $2.06 to fury then the app of iLauncher is the best option for you. Thee app has smooth Scrolling, Delete from home screen, iPhone 5 style 5th row, Transition effects and a number of other attractive features as well. Download the latest APK file of iLanuncher from below given downloading link for free. Install the app on your android device or tablet and enjoy an unbelievable iPhone operating system experiences on your android device or android tablet. Go for it now and keep visit to our site.

    Monday, 5 June 2017

    Fusion Music APK File v1.1.7 Latest Download Free for Android

    Fusion Music APK File Latest Version Download Free for Android

    As you know Music is deliberated the soul of the life. Lot of apps are available for music in android markets but if need a music app which is free with no advertisement then download the best app of Fusion Music Player from below on this page. It is really the best app for android users. With it you can easily find out any kind of music. The app has made easier to find out music by artists or its album. It has made a lot easier to get access online music. The design of this music app is very smart and attractive which is built on Ice Cream Sandwich UX. You can seal it as well. This music application supports Wobble and Wave Gesture. It keeps informed the covers, pictures of the singers and their life history by default.
    Fusion Music APK has got a great harmonious equalizer with 12 presets. You can enjoy music by putting on headphones as the app has support of virtual surround sound. In addition to this, you can access more than 50000 radio stations throughout the world because the app supports an Internet radio stations. Fusion Player itself makes a feisty playlist for your appraised and much loved tracks. It also informs you by means of notification about the hot and best songs of the week. The app has got lots of effects of Track Visualizations. So you can share your favorite songs on social media such Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This music APK also supports YouTube and lets you to find out more music tracks through it. Download the free and latest APK file of the from below provided links on this page. 
    Download Free Fusion Music APK File Latest Version for Android
    This music application is very famous due to its high class performance on Ice Cream Sandwich, which is extra simple and charming. You can easily run this music player on your Gingerbread smart phone as well. The app notifies and informed you about popular and most recent albums as well as it informs about your collections on the spot. With this app you can have idiosyncratic and area precise music tracks as well. For that, you have to do settings and then enable Regional Stuff. You can find out and bring out more and more regional stuff with it. You can experience it yourself to catch enthralled by the app.
    Fusion Music APK is has very user-friendly interfaces. With it you can freely share your favorite music with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites with just a single tap. Besides, you can have an unbelievable music experience with its twelve level equalizer and various presets. The app has come to be attractive graphical visualizing special effects to prove the raps of the music. It has the options of an artist or albums for browsing the music. If you have proper Metadata then you can enable this option. On the other hand you can go to modify Metadata if it is not proper. 
    The app offers you plan to create it artless and calmer. Now new and new radio stations are being familiarized. And now radio is not just the repetitious streaming. The APK of Fusion brings cover art for the tracks and customs it visually pleasing. Hence, you can look at cover art despite listening to the music tracks. Similarly in addition, you can make sure related songs from online offers. Furthermore this app has several other fascinating features as regards your chums. Thus, whenever they ring you the Fusion Music Player stimulations up the frame of mind. It lets you to set your favorite songs as your incoming calls ringtone. Finally, Fusion Music APK is a superb music app which not ever lets you fed up by its impressive features.
    So download the latest and free APK file of the app form below given link and install it on your android device or tablet. 
    Fusion Music APK file is offered by Lava International Limited and it requires android 2.3.3 and up.

    Friday, 2 June 2017

    Dragon Mania Legends APK File v2.9.0r Latest Download Free for Android

    Dragon Mania Legends APK File Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Download the free and latest version Android game of Dragon Mania Legends from down here on this page and dive in the land of DRAGOLANDIA. This game is obviously for each and every one where you are the owner of a unique tame dragon island. You have to pay attention all your toddler dragons. Feed them and take a great care of them thus they will grow up rapidly and will come to be most powerful. Work to train your all baby dragons to improve their skills to make them strong warriors and let them in the arena of battle. It is not possible and very difficult to get back the dragon land without powerful troops of epic warrior dragons. 
    Dragon Mania Legends APK File Latest Download Free for Android
    Grab Dragon Mania Legends APK file now from below and make the island of your dreams and build the city of our own with lots of buildings and cool adornments. By downloading and installing this fascinating game on your android device you will able to access to more about 300 plus unique hatchling dragon species. Take care of these fledglings, cuddle them, and feed them on regular basis till they will become powerful and stronger. Add them to your dragon army and become the lord of “DRAGONLANDIA”.
    Put your dragons on a journey across the land to reach upper and upper leagues as your squad and talents improve with each new combat. Promote your baby dragons and take on your competitors in the battle filed to become the best dragon instructor and get tremendous awards and also receive extra bonuses and special coins. You can make best working plans to defeat your opponents
    Download the latest APK of Dragon Mania Legends APK from below provided download link. Install the app on your android device or table and enjoy making a strong army of dragons to rule out the island of DRAGONLANDIA. 
    This enthralling game is offered by the Gameloft and it requires Android 4.0 and up.