Wednesday, 22 February 2017

    Safe Gallery (Media Lock) APK v5.1.1 Latest Version Download Free for Android 2.3 and up

    Safe Gallery (Media Lock) APK Latest Version Download Free for Android 

    If you are worry about the privacy of your android device or tablets photo gallery. Then Safe Gallery (Media Lock) is an ideal and must have app for every android user. This amazing tool protects your privacy and helps you to secure your photos and video from every snooper who trying to look your gallery. Manage the albums of your gallery with this sensational Safe Gallery app. Download and install its APK for free at below on this page. 
    Safe Gallery helps you to care for with either a numerical or pattern based password encrypt your photos and curb everybody from watching into your smart phone or tablets gallery. Now you can download your favorite things or photos and hide them without any concern. This APK protects your privacy by all manners. It lets you to keep your all content protect and restrict everyone to having entrance to your private content. It is useful enough to keep safe your personal photos and videos on your android device or tablet and other similar device. 
    Safe Gallery (Media Lock) APK Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Features of Safe Gallery (Media Lock) APK:

    • This commendable app lock is completely free and much useful for all android operators to keep safe their galleries. 
    • With it you can manage all your audio files on your android device and protect them with a password or PIN code. 
    • You can keep protected all your media files on your device or tablet with this app. 
    • You can manage yours gallery and locked all your gallery photos with a pass-code and have access to them at any time. 
    • It lets you to organize your photo gallery and video file gallery more appropriately.
    • The app allows you to see all locked photos and all locked videos with ease.
    • You can also keep safe and protect your all web images by using safe gallery app. 
    • With this app you can choose your desirable screen locks by typing numeric password, Pin codes or patterns.
    • This convenient app has user friendly interfaces and supports animated GIFs. 
    • Safe Gallery is compatible all latest versions of android device and smart phones. 
    For grabbing more stunning features of this app, simply download its latest APK file from below provided downloading link. Install the APK of Safe Gallery on your Android device or tablet and start to manage your files more conveniently on your android device. 
    Get this admirable and ultimate Android app for free now!
    This safe app is offered by ukzzang
    Required Android: Android 2.3 and up

    Tuesday, 21 February 2017

    WiFi File Transfer APK v1.0.9 Latest Version Download Free for Android 2.1 and up

    WiFi File Transfer APK Latest Version Download Free for Android 

    WiFi File Transfer as the name of the app indicates that you can use it to transfer of files from device to device without need of data cables and USB. The app offers you to upload and download files from your android device or tablet in excess of WiFi connection. Transformation of files is going to be blazing fast without any cost with this APK. Whenever you transfer files from your android device or tablet to your PC by using this tool, your PC and your Cell phone must be linked to the same network of WiFi. Otherwise you can’t get your desirable results. If you are using any public WiFi hotspot, at any public place, then please remember to use the authorization feature of the app and send an access password to the directed device to make sure that you files are not received by an authorize device. 
    WiFi File Transfer lets you to use Google Chrome transfer of files. In Google Chrome you can easily upload a number of files this feature of the WiFi File transfer makes it an above rebuke app for sharing of files in preponderance. You can share even larger size of files at furious fast speed because the app with WiFi connectivity. Having cleaner interface, and authorization support WiFi File transfer is useful and reliable app for all android users. 
    WiFi File Transfer APK Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Features of WiFi File Transfer APK:

    • You can upload and download more than one file at a time with this APK.
    • You can upload up to 5MB larger files with this free version of the app. 
    • With its built-in file manager interface you can delete, rename, copy, zip and unzip files. 
    • It lets you to view photos directly in your web browser. 
    • The app allows you to access to external SD cards and USB storage devices. 
    • It works while your device is in hotspot mode
    • The app works with passcode authentication. 
    • You can easily transfer files from your android device to another device when connected with same WiFi network. 
    • It is more reliable for finding of hotspot. 
    Download its latest and free APK file from down here. Install the APK on your android device or tablet and start transfer of files at super-fast speed form one device to another device. And also test the influence of this perfect app. Download its APK for free now.
    Offered by: smarterDroid
    Required Android: Android 2.1 and up

    Sunday, 19 February 2017

    System App Remover (ROOT) APK Latest Version v3.6.2019 Download Free for Android 2.3 and up

    System App Remover (ROOT) APK Latest Version Download Free for Android 

    Rooting of Android devices, smart phones, and tablets are such source of pride and blessing. There are so many of android apps that you can use after rooting your device and smart phone or tablet for that I have already written the best ways in my previous articles about rooting. Yet another of those notable applications that need a rooted mode is System Remover. 
    System App Remover allows you to control your APK files such as you can install and uninstall apps, move apps to SD card, move apps to phone memory, and move any other source. It lets you to scan your APK files on SD card, install them or delete them from your device. System App Remover also guides you about rooting and will get help while rooting. Download its latest APK file for free from below on our page. 
    System App Remover comes with huge bundle of wonderful features. The app provides an app scrutiny feature which tells you after installing an app either it is safe or not for the system of your device. It takes out every single application that remains doubtful and keeps the android device insecure even after you have uninstalled them. The good thing of the app is that, you can easily install an app because system app remover supports all android devices.
    System App Remover (ROOT) APK Latest Version Download Free for Android
    You can bring back all your deleted applications from recycle bin with system app remover whenever you need. If it brings back your deleted apps then you must install this amazing and handy app without wasting your time. As you thinking deleted app might have some useful stuff that you might require in the upcoming time that you can restore it whenever you need if you have installed System App Remover on your device or mobile phone. You can also select to uninstall an app forever if you feel that you are not going to required it ever again. 
    System App Remover provides you a best and simple way to uninstall multiple applications at a time. It is now easy to delete several apps in one time with system app remover. For removing multiple apps you have to select all those apps that you like to clear out of you device system and then just tap the delete button. So forget the bothering method of deleting/uninstalling apps one by one. Take out many apps in a single click with system app remover. 
    Moreover with this APK you can easily move your app to the external SD card. It also enables you to move internal device storage applications as well. System App Remover lets you scan all APKs in your SD card and other install APKs. You can sort all the existing apps by their names, by size, by date and by time. It helps you to resize and rename the apps and APKs file name. It provides you the details of app such as the install time and date, package name, size, APK path, and some other essential information as well. You may able to find out and delete all duplicate APKs just in a single click.
    To getting many other amazing features of this amazing app just click the below given download link and garb the latest APK file of System App Remover. Install its APK file on your android device or tablet and get the easy and simple way of uninstalling and moving of apps. 
    Although I am not a best, but I am always trying my best for better. Your feedback and fruitful suggestions always make me better. And keep visit to my blog for more useful stuff. 
    Offered By: Jumobile
    Required Android 2.3 and up
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    Wednesday, 15 February 2017

    Card Wars Kingdom APK v1.0.10 Latest Version Download Free for Android 4.0.3 and up

    Card Wars Kingdom APK Latest Version Download Free for Android 

    Let’s admire the heroic human being fight:
    Download the APK file of Card Wars Kingdom completely free down here on this page and mount up a squad of astonishing creatures and start battle for the glory of Card Wars. It is the most loved of millions users throughout the globe and they have appraised it as the most excellent fight game with many attractive features.
    Take the game of Card Wars to the next level with all innovative and incredible Card Wars Kingdom. Give a free rein to the power of magic charm, landscapes, and flops. An incredible all new card war system, thrilling action, determined defeaters, smacking your competitors has never felt so good, and what not this amazing combat game has each and the whole thing for you.
    Card Wars Kingdom APK Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Features of Card Wars Kingdom APK:

    • Card Wars Kingdom is free to play and download but it worth the cost at same time.
    • Specific bits and pieces of the game can be bought by paying actual currency but it depends upon the users. 
    • You can create your squads of ambitious creatures and combat with card wars. 
    • To become stronger and more powerful you have to triumph over the levels and unlock the powers and magic charm. 
    • You can use the magic charm and ultimate powers for combat contrary to the opponents like not ever in the past. 
    • You can offer your friends to play the game of Card Wars with and share the creatures to earn points and loots along with borrowing fresh creatures from them.
    • You can collect from several creatures including Cool Dog, Pig, and the husker knight. 
    • By playing better you can up the levels and unlocks new cards with new powers and capabilities so far.
    • Fuse up the creatures together to make them even more powerful and stronger for battle. 
    • Card War lets you to pick up your most favorite characters and take a decision with whom you are going to play. You have several choices to pick out the best one as of Jake, Finn, Marceline, BMO and many more heroes to play. 
    • Each and every hero has the unique skills of changing game and cards. 
    • You can find out even more powerful and new superb heroes in the Card Wars Kingdom. 
    • Card Wars lets you to test you own skill by challenging yourself in the cards wars contest. 
    • You can aspect and play in regular cell challenges.
    • Win and earn rare cards and loots form across the Card Wars Kingdom. Become the pro and rule the kingdom of card wars. 
    • It supports many languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Russian and more. 
    Download the latest APK of Card Wars Kingdom form below, install it on your android device and start to rule the world of card wars.
    Developed By: Cartoon Network
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    Tuesday, 14 February 2017

    Vector APK v1.2.0 Latest Version Download Free Arcade for Android 4.0 and up

    Vector APK  Latest Version Arcade Game Download Free 

    Offers in-app purchases
    Grab the one of the best parkour inspired action game Vector from our site and start quick learning to become a master of challenges. Vector is a sensational and free game with walkway style on the Android app store. It is arcade, parkour, athletic stimulated game wherever the player comes to be free from a dictatorial world and runs in to a distant free world. The view of the game is an excellent one and the graphics of the game are categorically good, interesting and outstanding. 
    In this game the player runs slips, domes, climbs, cracks and practices amazing modus operandi of a parkour runner while being pursued by a “Big Brother” who is irritating to halt him and take him back to the totalitarian world where freedom and individually is nothing more than a distance dream. But the objective of the runner is to escape to freedom once and for all. The player has to run and escape captures over and done with different levels and get points. As a result the player get go on in the game of vector.
     Vector APK v1.2.0 Latest Version Download Free for Android 4.0 and up
    This game is completely based on the practices and ideologies of the sport parkour and players of all aptitude levels have exceptionally love the game so far. Every player of any age and talent take preference in the classy level designs Vector offers, such as the performer in the game runs and rivulets like a river over dystopian rooftops to acquire its freedom. 
    The moves of the game are extraordinarily life like and accurately parkour motivated. The game included about 20 exciting levels in total. Every single level is tough and gets tougher with the passage of time, which makes it the finest mechanism to do in your dreary times. The Deluxe version of Vector game is included about 40 stunning levels, which is purchasable and it has lowest cost just $1 only. 
    In the game of Vector the players can also contest and participate with the most proficient and demanding players online with fast walk up and down timing puzzles. 
    Vector is one of the best running game which offers you break free and run from your ordinary routine into a thrilling new world. The game is not very tough to understand but moderately tough to master therefore it offers the player great preparation and need extra time to play and run in tracking down of getting best result. The APK of the Vector game is update on regular basis therefore it is assured that you are getting the most new and stable APK file of the game.


    Please note that the game of Vector offers in-app purchasing which means that you may have to spend actual currency for a lot of upgrades, level-ups and for many more movements. If you are willing to play this addictive game on your Android phone, smartphone or the tablet, simply scroll down and download the game of Vector for free! We are assuring that you are going to more love the game of Vector if you are downloading and plying it for the first time.
    So download the full and updated APK file of the game form below given downloading link and install it on your Android device, smart phone and tablet and start running in to a distance free world.
    Download Free APK

    Monday, 13 February 2017

    Tango – Free Video Calls & Chat APK v3.31.214318 Latest Download for Android 4.1 and up

    Tango – Free Video Calls & Chat APK v3.31.214318 Latest Download for Android 4.1 and up

    Let’s make free video calls and live chat with Tango and stay in touch with the people who matter to you. Tango is the best social Android app to making free video calls and voice calls to your friends, loved ones, relatives, and family members. Tango – Free Video Calls & Chat offers you to make voice and video calls categorically for free. It works on smart phones and tablets with more smartness. You can send on the spot messages, share photos, play games, and even play music with tango. If you haven’t install this ideal social android app so far, then grab its latest APK file from below on this page and install the app on your device to start making free voice and video calls to everyone throughout the world. Be a part of tango and join more than 350 million people on tango. 
    Tango lets you to link to your loved ones and you may make free calls to your friends on Tango nevertheless of whether they use iOS, Android, Windows phones using WiFi, 3G or 4G to connect. With free voice and video calls Tango also allows you to send text messages, send animatronics and play games too. This is most favorite Android app for killing some time with your friends and closer ones so far away, or just to perk up a dull discussion. Do some fun with your friends or family members while making voice and video calls by sending them stickers, photos and animations, all and everything is free with Tango. 
    Text gossiping with Tango is great fun as well. In addition just sending typed text messages and emojis, you can add fun animated emoticons, record and share voice and video and even can share music, which you can then listen together through spottily. Tango supports chats of up to 50 people containing groups. The app is best for following, meeting and interacts with interesting people nearby and around the world. You will able to find new people by viewing at their locality on a map, quaking your phone, or copping through and much loved profiles in a similar manner to tinder. 
    Tango – Free Video Calls & Chat APK Latest Version Download for Android
    Use Tango Free Video Call and Chat APK to stay in touch with the groups of people that matter to you most. You can share your photos and videos with people who are following you and can see their status updates as well. Groups and group chatting is also free on tango. You can join any public group for chatting or can join a casual discussion or cab debate on a hot topic with tango chat room. 
    Chatting with Tango is very simple and easy. You just required putting your name, cell phone number and email id to get start. It doesn’t require any code verification like other apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and etc. it mechanically adds your contacts from your cell phone, which have tango app installed, thus you can get start chatting with them right away. You can also link up to Facebook with Tango and you will able to view all of your Facebook friends who use the service in your Tango contacts. Moreover Tango makes it fun and free to chat with your friends and loved ones. It claims decent call quality and more features. Some great features of Tango are as listed below. 

    Features of Tango APK:

    • Tango is completely free to download and very simple to install and very easy to operate. 
    • You can make free voice and video calls throughout the world with Tango. 
    • You can call to anyone everywhere in the world (who has tango installed on their devices). 
    • It lets you to send unlimited free text messages. 
    • You can share your photos and other life occasions with your friends and valued ones with tango. 
    • It provides HD quality of video and voice calls. 
    • Tango lets you to group chats to discuss on any topic with spectators. 
    • It offers a great crew of stickers and emojis to bring more improvement in your texts. 
    • It lets you to meet with new peoples near to you or from around the world. 
    • You can also play some fun games with Tango. 
    For downloading the latest APK file of Tango – Free Video Calls & Chat just follow the below given downloading link. Download and install the app on your android device or tablet and start making unlimited free voice and video calls and also send unlimited messages to your friends and dear ones throughout the world to keep in touch on the go.

    Thursday, 9 February 2017

    µTorrent® - Torrent Downloader APK v3.4.9 Latest Version Download Free for Android 4.1 and up.

    µTorrent® - Torrent APK Latest Version Download Free 

    Download Full version App of µTorrent® Downloader

    Download µTorrent® the most powerful, light, and fast downloader on your Android device or tablet form down here on this page to download each and everything within seconds at blazing fast speed. The torrent downloader is very powerful and fast in downloading and searching files that’s why it is known as the core of downloading technology. With this latest version of the app you can easily access to your media with cohesive music and video libraries. 
    µTorrent® has designed beautifully and cleanly with new auto shutdown options. It also has Wi-Fi-only mode by which users can save their money on mobile data and users can download files beyond the limitations with help of Torrent Downloader. You can download any size of file at fast speed without any restrictions. Furthermore you can easily select all those file that you like to download within a torrent by minimizing your storage footprint. You can correspondingly play and watch videos and better music listening experience while downloading files with the help of incorporated music and video players

    µTorrent® - Torrent Downloader APK Latest Version Download Free for Android
    Some great features of UTorrent Downloader:

    • It is completely free to download and very simple to use.
    • You can easily choose the location of your files to download. 
    • It downloads magnet links and downloads torrents as well.
    • It will save your battery because it has battery saving preferences.
    • With UTorrent you can easily access to your music and videos through media library.
    • It offers you to choose between deleting torrents only, or torrents and files. So you have an option to delete any one of them.
    • UTorrent supports many languages including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, and more. 
    • This APK has its downloading license for downloading of free music and videos from the BitTorrents Bundle content partners. 
    • With UTorrent you can download more than one music or video file at the same time and can also play all of them at once as a playlist.
    • UTorrent helps to make your Android device or tablet more than a bit of fun.
    • µTorrent® is very ideal in all aspects and provides you an unbelievable experiences. 
    Moreover UTorrent is relatively different from other torrent down-loaders because it has become the up-to-date in core torrent proficiency. For well-run and modernized continuously, very expert and enthusiastic engineers are working on µTorrent® to make its performance more productive and in effect for users.
    We put forward you to use µTorrent® on Wi-Fi more than the data linking by which you can get the best performance of downloading on µTorrent®. So switch to the Wi-Fi-only mode and make the most of it. µTorrent® is very famous and much loved among its users as it provides the better proficiencies of downloading files. Above and beyond you will admire the auto shutdown and auto pause options of uTorrent. While downloading of any file if your device gets shutting down due to lake of battery charge you don’t need to worry about you downloading file. µTorrent® starts to download the file whether it was breakdown. That’s why it called the core of downloader in the downloading technology. 
    So, what are you looking for? Download the full version APK file of µTorrent® right now from below provided link for free and make the best of its astonishing features and have fun with the perfect torrent downloader app ever. Download the free right from below given link.
    If you are looking for a consistant, faster and light weighted torrent tool then don't waste in searching of more: µTorrent® - Torrent Downloader is fullfil your requirements.