Monday, 24 April 2017

    PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro APK v4.5.0 Latest Version Download Free for Android

    PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro APK Latest Version Download Free for Android

    The trend of photography is growing up day by day among people now. As you can see in your practical life most of people are busy to capturing and saving their special moments/memories through direct photography and through self-pick up photos called as selfie. In this developing field everybody as well as Android app manufacturers is also be a part of in this race to do their best they can and that’s why every day we come through many camera applications on Google Play Store. These applications consist of much amazing effects, frames and several other stunning features associated to photography and the competition regarding apps is so tough and high that a manufacturer really requires to introducing something new and extraordinary to make a room among top class apps. 
    In this tutorial I am talking about a brand new photo editor, redefine photo taking editing and a great image editing master. It is really a must have photograph editing app and the best selfie tool which is very popular thorough out the world. More than 50 million android users are using it as best selfie editor and it is considered as top selfie camera over 40 countries around the globe. That is “PIP (picture in picture) Camera”.
    PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro APK Latest Version Download Free for Android
    PIP Camera is one of those apps that is recently being known and it is most loved app by photography lovers because of its very attractive photography features. Get the perfectly new selfie experience in PIP style. The app has great number of amazing photo effects, frames, filters, collages, and many other photography features such as auto focus etc. Grab up your moments as selfie through a very attractive style with the help of most beautiful filters and layouts which is the unique features of PIP Camera.
    PIP Camera sets your picture in another picture frame with some brilliant frames. It effectively sets your photo in more dazzling than other photo frames. PIP Camera is a spinoff of archetypal picture-in-picture mode, and it is all more powerful and more fun with the extension of the new PIP frames mode and PIP magazine collage style. 
    With PIP Camera you can edit your pictures/photos by import them form your device gallery or take photo with the help of your device camera or you can select any existing photograph and then edit it and make it more beautiful by adding different frames, effects and filters. Organize your pictures/photographs as albums and in several other styles that you like most to keep safe your best moments. Just capture a picture with the help of most amazing filters and layouts and make it even more attractive. The photo in photo blur is another unique and incredible feature of the app that you will love most while using it to edit your snaps.
    PIP Camera comes with more than 200 collage frames, several numbers of automatic blur backgrounds, beautiful layouts, amazing filters and other awesome photo effects with that you can make your photography even more effective and more memorable. With classic grid photo collage templates you can customize the backgrounds of frames to make your photographs cooler. It also supports more than 20 photo filters to even more beautify and decorating your pictures/photos. You can easily share your edited photos on all your favorite social sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook just in one tap. 
    Moreover PIP Camera is also known to be an effective and powerful snap retouching android app due to having built-in professional photograph/picture touch up function, secretive filters, fun sticker collections, text adding, medley, specialized picture/photo editing functions and many more. 
    Download the latest APK file of PIP Camera (Photo in Photo) from below given downloading link and install the app on your android device or tablet and make your photos even more beautiful or in your dream style. 
    PIP Camera Photo Editor Pro is offered by “Fotoable, Inc”.

    Friday, 21 April 2017

    Gangstar Vegas-mafia game APK + OBB Data File v3.1.0r Latest Download Free for Android

    Gangstar Vegas-mafia game APK + OBB Data File Latest Download Free for Android 

    The well-known Android game developers, the “Gameloft” developed yet another most addictive action game Gangstar Vegas with fabulous features and HD quality of graphics. The game offers a dangerous new journey through the city of Sin and there is fun, immersive, wild gun wars, and more risk around you. The most recent episode of the Gangstar Vegas is full of excitement, horror and many more challenges at the same time. 
    The latest episode of the game consists of more than 80 thrilling missions. The all 80 missions are packed with great actions and you will face many tough tasks in the game. Build up a gangster team to take over Vegas and win wars against mafia. In this updated episode of the game the city has grownup bigger and it is 9 times bigger than the city as compare to the previous versions of the Gangstar Vegas game. It means that the tough challenges and excitement in this new mode of the game have also grownup. So are you ready to download its APK file along with its OBB data file? If yes then grab it from below given link on this page. 
    Gangstar Vegas-mafia game APK Download Free
    Moreover Gangstar Vegas offers several thrilling features too like flamer weapons, crazy vehicles and many other material to strengthen the action and thrill in this mixed martial arts game . You have the right to use of destructive and explosive firearms such as Molotov mixtures, flamethrowers and electric guitars. You have to climb up the leader-boards to complete the tough challenges including air, water, street racing, martial arts fighting in the street of the city and more. You will drive crazy vehicles such as powerful cars, monster trucks, fighter jets and many others. 
    In this shooting action game you will play your role as a rising mixed martial arts champion. You are the most wanted person in the city. In a city where crime is everywhere you have to show your braveness and cleverness along with your martial arts skills. In the city of crimes you need to hold your weapon strongly and describe your plans wisely to defeat the criminals and win wars against the wildest mafias. Grab more action games.
    Are you ready take part in the wars against mafias and ready to take action against them? If yes then download the latest APK file of Gangstar Vegas mafia game from below given downloading link. Install the apps APK file along with its OBB data on your android device or table and go for taking actions against criminals in your city. Go for it now!
    Gangstar Vegas is offered by Gameloft and it requires Android 3.0 and up.

    Tuesday, 18 April 2017

    Gemini App Manager APK v3.3.5 Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Gemini App Manager APK Download Free for Android 

    Download the most comprehensive and dominant tool of Gemini App Manager APK file from below  on this page to organize variety of installed apps on your Android device, smart phone and tablet. By this exceptional app, you can easily accomplish your all installed apps together with a simple UI to organize most functions in a single page. With this splendid APK android user can overcome most app problem easily without switching from page to page as other app does.
    For rooted devices, Gemini App Manager becomes exceptionally influential as it automatically improves performance of your android device. Moreover, you can organize permission for certain apps. If some apps are able auto running, then you can disable them by eliminating from auto run apps list if your device is rooted. Furthermore, firewall of the app also works only on rooted android devices, smart devices and tablets. 
    If your android device is not rooted or you are not able to root your device then doesn’t need to worry, Gemini App Manager can do all other actions on installed apps to show itself one of the finest organizing app presented on Android platform. If you are feeling it is a difficult job to managing your installed apps and games, then download the APK file of Gemini App Manager and install the app on your android device. Try this App Manager and check your apps, you may find something you don’t know before. 
    Download Free Gemini App Manager APK v3.3.5 for Android

    Features of Gemini App Manager 

    • Gemini App Manager is completely free to download and lists all installed apps on your android device. 
    • The size of this app is very small about 1M bytes, with integrated several functions. 
    • The app allows you to transfer your apps from internal storage to external SD card storage. 
    • This app shows you how much RAM and CPU are being used up by a particular app. 
    • Gemini App allows you spread installed apps as APK files to install them on other devices or to keep as backups. 
    • The app consist of an inbuilt, powerful task killer (you don’t need any detached app to kill background processes). 
    • This APK elegantly examine and illustrations how much network is being used by any installed app. 
    • It checks for particular consent on apps and identifies if any app has ability of sending Text message and making calls. 
    • Optimize performance of your android device, by Kills running apps in background to free up memory (RAM) and CPU resources. 
    • Allows you uninstalled apps and games vigorously from your android cell phone device. 
    • Gemini App Manager also contains an integral app firewall. 
    • By auto run feature you view automatically running apps in background without user interaction. You can enable and disable app to run with certain situations. 
    • With the App Freezer feature of Gemini APK you can block any app to run and hide app from launcher app list. It is a good way to grip app and user can hide from others. 
    • Clears all app cache and remaining files with simple click to free up memory storage and increase performance of your device. 
    • Allow you to categorize installed apps on the basis of several norms like by app name, size, RAM usage, app permission risk etc. 
    • You can filter apps by running position, installed position, permissions, custom filter etc. 
    For all these and many other advance features as compared to the default app manager of android OS. Download the APK file of Gemini App Manager from below provided link for free and easily manage your installed apps of your android device.
    Gemini App Manager is offered by "SEASMIND" and it requires andorid 2.1 and above. 

    Wednesday, 12 April 2017

    Cartoon HD APK v2.0.7 Lates Version Download Free for Android

    Cartoon HD Latest APK Download Free for Android

    Cartoon HD APK is one of the most popular gushing app by which every android user can easily watch free funny movies and TV shows on their android devices, smart phones and tablets. It is an amazing made for enjoying cartoon movies in each and every platform such as Android, iOS and on PCs. Download the updated version APK file of Cartoon HD from the below provided link and start enjoying a lots of entertaining material and bundles of funniest cartoon movie clips on your android devices. This gushing cartoon HD app is much popular among the kids for its free cartoon movies along with other enjoyable and informative stuff. This app is great source to educate your children with thousands of funniest cartoon movies and other entertaining content with high definition HD quality. you can enjoy more entertainment any where at any place.
    The app contains a vast collection of funny videos and entertaining material for you to download your desirable stuff on your device to watch offline. The APK file of Cartoon HD has a large number of funny movie libraries with decent collection of movies in all categories. For all these you need to have an internet or WiFi connection to stream high quality of funny movies, funny video clips, cartoon films and other entertaining material. This app is upgraded to bring better experience among other entertaining apps. 
    Download Cartoon HD APK v2.0.7 for Free

    How to install Cartoon HD 

    Just download the Cartoon HD App on your android device, smart phone or tablet and follow the following instructions. 
    Open the Settings Go to security, Enable unknown Sources, press to install, Wait for few minutes until the installation completes and then open the installed app and enjoy.

    Features of Cartoon HD APK:

    • Unlimited fun with lots of cartoon shows and comic movies. 
    • Offers amazing collection of funny films. 
    • It is completely free to download and install. 
    • Selection of quality will depend on you.
    • Similar applies for the downloading as well.
    • Updates will com often. 
    • you will get complete comic movies. 
    • User friendly interfaces. 
    To start enjoying, download the latest APK file of Cartoon HD right away from below provided download link. Install the app on your Android device and keep loving to watch entertaining stuff on your tablet or smart phone on the go!

    Tuesday, 11 April 2017

    Criminal Case APK File v2.16.1 Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Criminal Case APK File Latest Version Download Free for Android 

    Criminal Case is a number one free secreted object and investigating themed game that is now open for android devices and smart phones. Be ready to clarify the murder cases and find out the facts behind several murder and criminal cases. Complete the given assignment by investigating murder cases and other attractive hidden cases through this adventure game. Download the APK of Criminal Case now form below on this page and find out the killer of Rosa Wolf. For that you have to heavy investigation abilities otherwise you will not able to find out the exact killer of Rosa Wolf. 
    Join the Police of Grimsborough that will help you to clear out and explore a chain of hidden objects to trace the murder. Investigate offense acts for hints, bring the suspects in for questioning and inspect evidence to catch the killers. Please note that you don’t bother the innocent people while investigation only investigates suspect ones. The task may looks like very easy but it is much difficult in reality. Don’t worries go forward with your well-intended tactics by using your detective skills to catch the actual killer very quickly. Go for more games.
    It is up to you to explore and solve the crime cases in your surroundings as well as in the city form where you belong. The city has turn into corrupt and murders are taking place has come to be most horrible. In the city there are series of murders and they will not ever stop if you will find and punish the killers. Now it is your accountability to save guiltless people and bring the peace of the city back by exploring the criminals and bringing them in to justice. By using your detective skills and efforts you can save your city and break the killing cases in your surrounding otherwise lots of innocent people will be murdered in your area.
    Criminal Case APK File Latest Version Download Free for Android
    In the game play of Criminal Case you have to visit the crime section where murder has taken place. There are many out of sight items and you need to hit every item to catch the ones that are linked to the murder. Every time an item is found, the bar is fully occupied and the player’s triumph in the game subjected on how fast he discovers the objects. Filling the bar awards the contestant with starts and in Criminal Case game currency which can be used to scrutinize the alleged and interrogate the proofs to identify the actual criminal. The player can also watch the murder profiles in profundity to recognize their autobiography. Criminal Case is a great adventure game with a slight touch of horror and involves the player extremely in the game. 
    There are more than 130 cases hidden in the Criminal Case as a result you have a diversity of cases to resolve. You have to make lot of effort to find the different offenders. You are not limited to an only crime case and therefore with various killing cases, you face new tasks all the time you start discovering a killing case. As usual every case you can get maximum of 45 stars while in some cases you will get 15 stars in the most basic case and the second case that is a slight harder gives you 30 stars and so on.
    You can play this game alone on your device or you can invite a friend to play. Challenge a friend to play Criminal Case and test who is the best investigator or who has the best detective skills. The one who will best investigator suspects and witness will explore his way easily to catch the criminals and thus they will be rewarded. But note that you do not required to punish the offenders yourself, instead first catch them out from the crowd and then bring them to justice. Play the game either in a single player mood or play it with a friend go and play to check your investigation skills and prove that you are the best investigator having top class investing expertise. 
    So download the latest APK file of Criminal Case from below give downloading link. Install it on your android device or tablet and start to play this detective game for free and go for test your investigation skills as well as solving skills of murder cases.
    Note: please note that Criminal Case is completely free to play, however some game items can also be buy for real money. If don’t want to use this feature then please disable in app purchases in your devices settings. For playing and downloading this game you must be at least 13 of age. 
    Download the apps APK now!
    Criminal Case is offered by Pretty Simple and it requires Android 4.0.3 and up.
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    Friday, 7 April 2017

    Cricket Career 2016 APK File v3.1.2 Latest Version Download Free Android

    Cricket Career 2016 APK File Latest Version Download Free Android 

    Cricket Career 2016 is the most comprehensive 3d cricket simulation for cricket lovers and those who all the time waited for a real cricket gaming experience with lots of action and game modes. Indeed there are several other decent games for cricket but it is the time you experience a bit new and extra about cricket. 
    Cricket Career 2016 is a real time 3d Cricket Career simulation games that will offer you to start you cricket from any of the 10 countries and more than three hundred sides through domestic clubs worldwide. Proceeds the role of a forthcoming Cricket batsman, make your own avatar and bat in your style to the best of the cricket world. Start your career from scoring runs, make your name with the bat and become a cricket icon. 
    Cricket career 2016 is a 3d experience that will possess you not good enough to score more. Play with the most accurate 3d gesture captured hits from the esteems of International batting perception Murali Vijay. Play in unfilled cricket grounds to crowded grounds as you go up the ranking in your cricket career. Play world cups, T20 league matches and other domestic matches which will push your batting skills to the limits. 
    Cricket Career 2016 is even more stimulating and convincing game which has almost all the features that you will like. It offers different types of matches like T20s and other club matches, the legendary Indian batsman Murli Vijay will train you and explore your batting skills. You will play in a complete cricketing environment with famous commentators’ commentary. Moreover Cricket Career 2016 has many other and exciting features which are listed below. 
    Cricket Career 2016 APK File Latest Version Download Free Android

    Features of Cricket Career 2016 APK:

    • Cricket 2016 is completely free download and simply to use. 
    • International Batting brand Murali Vijay will play along with and guide you to grow as a cricket super star.
    • It offers most attractive 3d cricket gaming practice for smart phones and tablets.
    • You will enjoy the good-looking cut scenes that will create your gaming capability more immersive. 
    • Not ever seen earlier career style that will check even the finest of players. 
    • You can enjoy the lovely gesture captured shots of Murali Vijay to make your batting as accurate asconceivable.
    • It provides more than 30 cricket stadiums throughout the world; you can start your career from the country that you like most and want to start your career from your most loving country. 
    • Now you can take part in the IPL, Big bash and other t-20 leagues (other leagues will also include shortly).
    • Commentary by former well known Indian cricket captain Kris Srikkant, 
    • With Cricket Career 2016 you come to be the adorable of your supporters, fans and build a brand for yourself.
    • You can attract promoters and get handsome cash to live the life of a cricket superstar. 
    • You will able to buy luxury stuffs like Villas and Cars and live the life of a famous cricket legend. 
    • You can promote your kits to hit the cricket balls right out of the stadiums.
    • You will get training's and practice tougher to make it to the best in world of cricket. 
    • Start your career from the lowermost in league cricket and bring your name by scoring runs at each and every level of cricket. 
    • Negotiate with the top teams and come to be the most remunerated cricketer in the world cricket.
    • Many other sensational updates have been planned for the yet to come in cricket career 2016.
    Download the latest APK file of Cricket Career 2016 from below given link. Install this thrilling game on your android device or tablet and start your cricket career on the go. 
    Cricket Career 2016 is offered by Zealcity Studios. The required Android is Android 4.2 and up.

    Tuesday, 4 April 2017

    Colors TV Rising Star Voting APK v2.2 Latest Version Download Free for Android

    Colors TV Rising Star Voting APK Latest Version Download Free for Android 

    COLORS’ is Viacom18’s leading television program in the field of an entertainment throughout the India. An interesting concoction of ‘emotions’ and ‘variety’, COLORS began on 21st July 2008 offers an all-inclusive assortment of excitements to its viewers. From Fiction shows to Format shows to Reality shows to Blockbuster Movies – the basket encloses all ‘Jasbaat Ke Rang’. ‘COLORS’ is committed to encouraging ‘Consistent viewing’, over various platforms.
    “Colors” is now closer to you with the exceptional colors app. 
    This Android app of Colors TV is a prodigious basis of entertainment for every android user throughout the India and across the world. The app worth’s downloading for every music follower as the live music reality shows such as Rising Star’s show which has been already started by Colors TV. Now you can join in this show and can vote for your much loved singer by using this Colors TV app.
    So download the latest APK file of the app and go for voting to the singer whom you loving most. As you know that the general public votes has high values in any competition and the judges votes are the second valuable factor in any live competition. Deliberate yourself as evaluator of Rising Star singing contest and vote for your most loving participant. 
    Colors TV Rising Star Voting APK Latest Version Download Free for Android

    How it works:

    When a contestant is performing in a live show, during that time the voting lines are also open for public to vote for their favorite contestant. And you can vote for your most loved singer or participant by using Colors TV android app. Remember that general public votes has decide about the participant either he/she is able to alive for the next competition or not. Please not that you can use this app for voting only when the show is live and you cannot use this app for repeating episodes. 
    With this app you can enjoy the Big Boss 9 Trouble as well as you can follow the schedule and set the reminders for your most loving shows. So that you never miss your favorite shows on the go. 
    Get the latest APK of Colors TV from below given downloading link, install the on your android device and start voting for your favorite competitor.
    Colors TV android application is offered by Colors TV and the required Android is 4.4 and up.